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Latest Features Of Pinterst App:

The following are the latest applications in the Pinterst application

  • Native video: Pinterst is providing a native video feature for all the users, this allows the users to pin videos from other platforms and to create videos in the Pinterest application.
  • Cinematic Pins: The cinematic pin is a feature that allows the users to capture a video and they are activated by scrolling which seems as GIF. The cinematic pinbs are used for promotions.
  • Sharing: The pins in the Pinterest application can be shared to the social media applications as facebook messenger, whatsapp, text message.
  • Home Feed: By using of the pinterst application you can easily refine the home feed by discarding the profiles or subjects
  • Picked For You: Pinterest is providing a feature of picked for you that displays the pins based on your interest.

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up one morning, wanted to do something creative but ran out of ideas? Do you ever feel the need for a creative friend who would help you with cooking different dishes, making presents, learning simple hacks for daily work? Now, you have a friend who is an expert in all the spheres of life. Be it a travel guide, or a DIY specialist, you get everything in one app. Pinterest app for Android gives you everything you need on one page. Lt we see exactly how it can help you.

Install the Pinterest application:

You can download Pinterest app for free. Once you have downloaded it, log in to the Pinterest app and start your journey with the app. You can swipe and find your areas of interest. Once you have chosen what you want to follow, you can follow those pages or people. You can re-pin them or maybe pin something of your own from your gallery or by recording something new.

Highlights of Pinterest App:

The app has a great utility for people who want to learn something new and creative. On Pinterest, you can pin your favorite categories on your home page. You can pin photographs or videos of different categories. You can also follow other artists, creators, and users who keep pinning something or the other. It is better than most of the social media apps as it helps you to learn something new.

Features of Pinterest:

You can install Pinterest app on your mobile phones. It is typically suited for Android devices and can be used effectively from there. Pinterest can be sued free of cost. It is more of sharing what you know and learning fun things from others. You can bookmark online visuals for your own feed, organize them to form collections and share if you want. These images and visuals can again be tagged as per their location. Your data privacy is also taken care of on Pinterest.

How Pinterest App Works:

Pinterest is an application that is used to browse activities regarding fashion, food, science, photography, etc, Pinterest is a platform that is used to save ideas regarding product and there is even possible to share the pins that you shared to the social media applications.

The Pinterest application will also help the pinners to know more about the fashion secrets, diet, healthy food to update their life and to stay healthy. This application serves as the platform to share a person’s professional or personal life to update or innovate others or motivate someone. A user is allowed to follow anyone, any page and there is even possible to share pin in the app itself.

Why Use Pinterest App:  

Pinterest is an application that equally serves as the social media platform to promote a brand or professional life. The Pinterest application consists of 80% of women visitors so that it will be a great choice for the fashion designer and the people with innovative ideas to target the women customers.

The users of Pinterest are allowed to share their idea as a pin, a pin can be an image/file. If any pin is found interesting in someone’s account that can be posted in your account and this process is called as repiningEach and every pin consists of options as a comment, tried it to provide your experience.

Each and every post consists of two options as a comment, tried it if you like a post then you can comment it or if you have tried it then that image can be posted in the tried section.

Pros of Pinterest App:

  • It is free of cost: you don’t need to pay anything to download the Pinterest application. You get it for free and that is one of the reasons why it is trending so much these days. Things that you had to pay to learn can now be learned at home from experts.
  • Not a waste of time: you will never see your parents or anyone for that matter scold you or tell you that you are wasting your time on social media if you are using Pinterest. This is because it is a creative hub and much more than just entertainment.

Pinterest App Cons:

  • Some areas might not be covered: Pinterest is as good as its users. More the number of pins, more varied and interesting would be the data. Some fields which are not explored by users that well have less amount of information or videos and visuals.

The overall review of the app suggests that it is a fun learning and innovative social app that gets all the creativity of the world inside your mobile phone. Use it well.