SnapChat Download

Features Of Snapchat Application:

The list of features of the Snapchat application is as given below

Customize Snapchat Stories:

The users can customize the story based on their requirement by dipping their image with creativity by using all the stickers.

Add Geofilters:

There is an option to select On-Demand Geofilters in the application that provides access to a studio where the user can edit the image.

Multiple Voice Filters:

The Snapchat application available with a huge collection of voice filters to add some fun while posting a story.


There are multiple tools for editing the applications as backdrops, limitless snaps, magic eraser, emoji brush, looping videos, and a paperclip.

Advantages Of Snapchat Application:

The list of pros that associated with the Snapchat application given below

Provides the best features for video calling which is unavailable in any social networking platforms

The Snapchat application is available and free, and the process of signing up to the application is also easy by just providing the basic information.

There are minimum icons available in the application that helps to understand and use the application easily.

The Snapchat is famous for its generous and natural filters; many users make use of them to enhance the appearance of the images.

Disadvantages Of Snapchat Application:

A list of challenges that the Snapchat application have listed as below

The chats and the posts in the Snapchat application don’t last a longer period, as they get deleted by default. The maximum period the apps lasts is 24 hours if the user has selected the option.

While sharing a video in the Snapchat application, the user allowed to share fo 60 seconds only

The application rated as 12+ as it allows the users for audio calls and video calls.

The application is highly addictive for users and a bit hard to quit