Viber Download

Features Of Viber Application:

The list of features that associated with the Viber application given below

Timer To Destruct For Secret Chats:

There is a feature of secret chats available that secured with end to end encryption, and there is a timer that helps to vanish all the secret chats. By activating the timer, the chats get deleted by default.

Novel Viber Stickers:

Avoid the boring text as the application provides stickers to make the conversation more interesting. Make use of these stickers while using the Viber application

Allows Massive People In Viber Community:

The Viber application consists of a community that accepts and adds as many people as possible. The community available with a unique feature and chat session to text and to learn in this community.

 Viber Pro Version Is Inexpensive:

To unveil, some advanced features of the Viber application do subscribe for the budget-friendly payment version of Viber.

Advanatges Of Viber Application:

The list of advantages that associated with the Viber application given below

Instant Messaging:

The Viber is a free and an instant messaging application that allows the users to send and receive messages, video calls and audio calls.

Ease Of Usage:

The Viber application available with minimum icons so that it is easy to use, and a beginner even understands it.

Provides Access Even With Low Network Connection:

The Viber application provides access even with a poor internet connection and an unstable network. Which is one of the best benefits when the user stuck in a crisis of poor internet connection

Provides Free Video And Audio Calls:

The Viber application provides the user with a feature of audio call and video call with high quality.

Disadvantages Of Viber Application:

The list of cons that associated with Viber application given below

Blocking Is Impossible In Viber:

When you find a person as span or got irritated, then there is no task of blocking them in the Viber application. Even low-end mobile device provides an option to block the mobile numbers.

Provides Support For Limited Platforms:

The Viber application provides support to less operating systems that make the Viber application to get used less

Requires Internet Connection For Accessing Viber:

To make  use of the features of Viber application the  user has to get connected with the internet connection, and without an internet connection, there is no possibility to access it