Hike Download

Permissions of Hike Application:

The list of permissions that need to permit for the hike application are as given below


The Hike user will find, modify and read the connections form the registered device


User can identify the accounts are allowed to read, modify, add and remove from the device


The user’s mobile device will determine its status through phone status


Hike application also uses the location either live or current with respective GPS and network-based

Media and Files:

The USB storage can read, modify or delete the content related to the Hike application

Device ID and call information:

This feature identifies and can read the phone status


It collects pictures and videos


The Hike can record the audio clippings

Wi-Fi connection:

The application can use either internet connection or Wi-Fi connection


Application occupies the USB storage space to read, modify or delete the content from the device

App History:

It retrieves the different running applications

Other Permissions in Hike:

  • It reads the sync statistics
  • Allowed to receive internet or Wi-Fi connections
  • Hike reads the Google service configurations
  • Allowed to connect with the Bluetooth devices
  • It deletes the cache data or cache information
  • It allows creating new accounts and new passwords
  • It controls the vibration
  • It can expand and collapse the status bar
  • It auto measures the storage space
  • It modifies the system settings
  • An application can draw close with the other apps
  • The user can install the shortcuts
  • User can use different accounts on the device
  • It prevents the device from sleeping
  • It can toggle sync on and off
  • The application can switch with network connectivity
  • User can change audio settings