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Technical Information For Spotify Application:

The additional information regarding the spotify application given below

Application Spotify
Type of app Music streaming service
Founded on 23 April 2006
Headquaters Stockholm, Sweden
Origin Sweden
Founders Daniel Ek

Martin Lorentzon

Industry Audio streaming podcasting
Derivative of Spotify technology S.A
Subsidiaries Tencent Music
Launched on 7 October 2008
Available in Multilingual languages
Wabste id
Launched on 7 October 2008
Offered by Spotify Ltd
Seller Spotify
Size 163.3 MB
Category of app Music
Compatible with iOS 12.0, watchOS 5.2, iphone, ipad, ipod touch, apple TV
Age rating 12+
Available In Languages English, Arabic, Czech, dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russain, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese
Available in-app purchases Spotify premium

Month of spotify premium


Features Of Spotify Application:

The features that are associated with the Spotify application given below

Create a Playlist:

The user can create a playlist on Spotify; in the playlist, the user can add all the favourites that they wanted to listen further.

Available With Private Listening Mode:

The private listening mode available to provide a personal folder to maintain privacy. The user has to activate theĀ  mode that available in the app settings

Highlights Available Weekly:

The application pops with a folder that consists of weekly highlight. By clicking that folder user can view all highlights in that week and have a feast to ears.

Accepts User Voice:

The user of Spotify can provide command by using the audio icon available in the application. The application accepts the voice message and converts it into a text message and then displays the output.

Transfer Files With Spotify Connect:

The users of Spotify can send the music and audio files to all users of other platforms by using the feature of spotify connect. By connecting on the Spotify connect the files can get shared between each other.

Advantages Of Spotify Application:

The list of advantages that associated with Spotify given below

Provides Unlimited Music For Users:

The Spotify is a free app that provides the user with a massive collection of music with some options to share and to download.

Suggests Songs Based On User Interest:

By following the user track, the Spotify application will pop a notification and list of songs as a suggestion based on the songs they heard up to now.

Friendly Activity:

The friendly is a feature that allows for tracking the tasks that a friend perform by just searching the name in the search bar and then click on the follow option available below the name

Share Music On Social Media:

The music on the Spotify application shared in social media applications like Facebook and Snapchat.

Download Music:

The user can download theĀ  music and share the music that available in the Spotify application

Recover Deleted Songs:

If the user deleted any music file unintentionally, there is an option that helps in recovering that file

Disadvantages Of Spotify Application:

The disadvantages of the Spotify application mentioned below

Provides Service In Limited Countries:

The Spotify application not available in all the countries and it provides service in some specific countries.

Pro Version Is Expensive:

The fullest usage of the Spotify application available in the pro version, and it is costly to get activated by all the users.

Quality Of Sound Is Less:

The sound quality provided in the Spotify application is less when compared to any other music application.

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