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WhatsApp application is available on multiple platforms like Android, IOS, Windows and can be accessed in Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and web.
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Permissions That Need To Be Granted For Whatsapp Application:

The following is the list of permissions that need to be granted for the WhatsApp application.

Phone: To call the phone numbers directly the application needs permission to

  • Read the identity and the phone status
  • Read the call log

Photos/ files/ media: To share the media files on your device the application needs to retrieve the access over

  • Read the contents of USB storage
  • To modify or delete the content that is stored in the USB device’s storage

Contacts: The information regarding the contacts in your device needs to be retrieved from the application. The permissions that need to grant for the WhatsApp application regarding contacts are

  • Find accounts on the device
  • Read contacts
  • Modify contacts

Identity: The Identity of the device need to be retrieved and this application will also access regarding identity are

  • Read contact card
  • Find accounts on the device
  • Add account or remove the account

Location: Watsapp application will retrieve the location of the device. The permissions that need to be granted regarding location are

  • Approximate location
  • GPS and network-based

Cellular data setting: The WhatsApp application will work with cellular data or wi-fi so that this application requires access over the cellular data.

Microphone: The WhatsApp application retrieve access over the microphone to

  • To record audio

Camera: The application has a feature to take audio, video, photo in the application so that it requires access to

  • Take pictures
  • videos

SMS: The WhatsApp application will ask permissions regarding SMS to

  • Receive text message
  • Send SMS message

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