WhatsApp Install


For forwarding and receiving messages, the Whatsapp app requires permission to send, receive and edit text messages.


Features of voice calls and video calls require access via call log to read and write them. The user must provide access to redirect outgoing calls and make calls without user involvement. Photos/media/files WhatsApp application supports sharing of multimedia messages; To do this, authentication is required to read, modify, and delete USB contents.


Access via camera to take photos and record videos


Access to device microphone is required to join voice call and video call

Wi-fi connection information:

Whatsapp app can connect to the internet via cellular data or wi-fi connection. It wants to get data about wi-fi information to connect with wi-fi.

Bluetooth connection information:

information about Bluetooth connections is required to share files via Bluetooth.

Wearable sensors:

Requires receiving information about wearable sensors while using the app.

Device ID and call information:

To prevent any fraud, the app retrieves and stores the device ID as well as the call information of the device. Others Read your social feed Write to your social feed


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